Sunday, December 4, 2011

How was my day???

So far so good! Had my breakfast and went to my friends house and chat for a minute, share thoughts and laugh with what had happened last night. Then unexpectedly, i saw a friend [ :') ] in a ministore a while ago, i bought my shampoo, you know. and that friend probably will buy cigars or whatever. I think it made my day. Gosh. i just realized that he is so damn HOT! with that hair. Anyways, and i get ready, take a bath, get dressed and put some make up on and i'm off to the market to get some repairs on my shoes, I looked for a trike, and then he was there sitting in a trike that i was supposed to rent on to ride me to the market. ( my heart goes like this- tug,tug,tug,tug so fast...)

so teenager! lol! But i'm happy! a simple smile and look! made me feel i'm alive. :)

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