Monday, December 19, 2011

To live free and alive

It felt so good to feel alive and free. even though there are problems that came across you, it makes you strong and wise as a person. Live your life to the fullest! :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lunar Eclipse for the first time!

i'm so happy that for the first time i've witnessed how the moon passed behind the Earth and the grounds are surrounded with fog. People outside are all looking up in the sky and wearing those sweet smile in their face. As you looked up all you can notice is the moon in the middle of the dark sky. It's amazing! For once in my life i see an eclipse. It;s like a dream come true. wanna know why? coz' i'm fond of the MOON, STARS, METEORS and PLANETS! so since i was young i always like to hear stories about the moon. For me these are lucky charms! because it's not a usual thing to see. So hope you guys had your wish! :) Ciao.

Good morning! on Twitpic

Good morning! on Twitpic

i wake up early this morning and the first thing i saw was this flower! :) i feel like it made my day plus the cold weather, it feels so good to lay down and cuddle with your pillows and bears. had my breakfast in bed. watched the sun as it rises. This was one of the Priceless moment of a person. Having quality time with YOURSELF. It is very important to treat yourself once in a while. Having your Privacy is Feeling the world and appreciating little things around you.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

fall in love too easy

Sometimes it took a month, a week, a day or even an hour to really get to know a person and it's the same with falling in love to a person.

How was my day???

So far so good! Had my breakfast and went to my friends house and chat for a minute, share thoughts and laugh with what had happened last night. Then unexpectedly, i saw a friend [ :') ] in a ministore a while ago, i bought my shampoo, you know. and that friend probably will buy cigars or whatever. I think it made my day. Gosh. i just realized that he is so damn HOT! with that hair. Anyways, and i get ready, take a bath, get dressed and put some make up on and i'm off to the market to get some repairs on my shoes, I looked for a trike, and then he was there sitting in a trike that i was supposed to rent on to ride me to the market. ( my heart goes like this- tug,tug,tug,tug so fast...)

so teenager! lol! But i'm happy! a simple smile and look! made me feel i'm alive. :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Every girl has 3 guys in her life....


Have you ever been surprised? lol! There are a lot of people who love surprises but others hate it. and for those who hate it...... NO COMMENT! LOL!  The feeling of being surprised makes a person so important because surprises are well planned, well prepared and so special.

Whenever i heard SURPRISE! I always see myself in a stage with a spotlight on me. that's how i felt when i'm being surprised. It made me cry and nervous. lol! Sometimes i'm dreaming of one day someone will surprised me and make that one day of my life so special.

When i say SURPRISE! effort to the max! maybe it's one of my fairytale dreams. it's like this, someone will drop me in a beautiful garden, where there are a lot of flowers dancing with the wind and together with the windblows is the sweet and romantic scent of those flowers, in a tree there's a classy red gown and has a note on it saying " please do where this gown and follow this rose petals scattered on the ground", and while walking following those rose petals you heard the strum of a guitar, strings of a violin that made the place romantic, the birds fly around, sing and dance together with the flowers,  and suddenly you felt like someone is looking at you and going to where you are standing and you look around but no one is there, you decided to follow those sounds and you see a man standing in a middle of the bridge holding a single red rose with his black Tuxedo, then when he saw you, he walk towards you and give the flowers and offers his hand for you as a sign of being a gentleman. I just want to stop. I can't control myself of dreaming, and feeling, and desperately wanting something like this. lol. i know,  maybe, someday, one day this dream of mine will come true. :)

The best of me - Nicholas Sparks

I always have this kind of addiction of buying books, novels etc. but my problem is that i don't usually finished all the books that i've read. lol! but i'm into reading it's just that when i'm in the part wherein i got bored i just stopped and do something else and read another books or anything that's interest me most,  that's why i can't finished a single book. So last October I bought a book of Nicholas Sparks New York Times bestselling author. when i read the synopsis i told to myself that i will buy that book  because i really love how the flow of the story will goes, that time i'm so frustrated to get one of the copy but it's not yet out here in the philippines so i've waited a week or so and then i finally got one together with my firend. I started reading it first day of semestral break i guess. I stopped almost a week because as usual i got bored and because i'm always with my friend doing something else and then one night when i was about to sleep i saw the book and read again then i'm back on track! i read it again and i got hooked by the story to the point that i cried while reading those lines of Dawson telling how he love Amanda, sometimes i even dreamt of them. How i imagined the place where they usually hang-out for an hour just to lay down and have their dreams of their own.

somehow i can relate to the story that's why i cried, i blushed and sometimes i can see myself to one of the characters (Amanda). i really love the story at first you will get bored but when you continue and finished it, i'll tell you... it worth it! because if you're not able to read the first few chapters you will not totally understand the flow of the story. i loved the Twist! there are some characters in the beginning that you'll find not so important and related but when your at the last chapters of the book you will just stop and come to think of it. Nicholas Sparks knows how to touch the heart of his readers. And i'm one of them. I just got totaly hooked. there are lots of emotions, hard feelings that i shared with the characters in the story. I totally felt the longing, regrets, broken hearted, pain, sacrifice, loved, teenage love and i learned a lot about life and love.

I learned how to stand in your decisions in life. wait for the right time and don't be confused to what is wrong and what is right. and i also learned that sometimes even if your heart tells you that it's right, well actually it's not. because there are some situations in life that once you made a decision you have to stand to it and face it because in the first place you're the one who made it.

I think the best of me is when I talked to God and ask for forgiveness and seek for His Guidance. And of course with my Mom. Because She's the one who always made me feel like I'm one of the best.