Friday, February 17, 2012

Faith in love

te echo de menos mucho

Ciao.Everyone. I know you already search the title in google or you're still wondering what my title means? it's for you to find out. :)

Just so you know how i really want to spend time with you even just for one second. :) But in time i know we will, maybe its not the right time, maybe because we have still things to fix and some sort of things to decide on. :)

crazy girl like me - the new girl "Jess"

Simple Crazy Adorkable Girl... I'm inspired by her look, her funny attitude but she also got a good HEART! which i believe i also got one. :) Ciao everybody.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Missing her

LOVE - Always and Forever

I'm Definitely not giving up on LOVE! <3 I'm afraid but i'm ready to get hurt. That's Life. Live in it! and Enjoy!

People = Loved,Chaos,Used

How boys feel when they're in love

not a Toy

Getting hurt for the same reason

Don't Lose HOPE

She Likes Him (heart tag)

Three Types of Friends in Life:

Friends for a reason - These are the people who are friends with you just for a reason not because they feel you, understand you, have the same perspective in life but they just want something from you.

Friends for a season - These are the people who maybe has the same hobby just like you or you enjoy each other's company for a while but at the end you both realize that you don't had a pretty good compatibility.

Friends for a lifetime - These are your Friends forever! They know your good and bad personality and still they want you and accept you for who you are. Who is always Proud of you no matter what.Your Number 1 Fan and supporter. He/She is willing to fight for you and will never ever get tired of listening to your problems. A person who knows the Real YOU!