Friday, December 2, 2011


Have you ever been surprised? lol! There are a lot of people who love surprises but others hate it. and for those who hate it...... NO COMMENT! LOL!  The feeling of being surprised makes a person so important because surprises are well planned, well prepared and so special.

Whenever i heard SURPRISE! I always see myself in a stage with a spotlight on me. that's how i felt when i'm being surprised. It made me cry and nervous. lol! Sometimes i'm dreaming of one day someone will surprised me and make that one day of my life so special.

When i say SURPRISE! effort to the max! maybe it's one of my fairytale dreams. it's like this, someone will drop me in a beautiful garden, where there are a lot of flowers dancing with the wind and together with the windblows is the sweet and romantic scent of those flowers, in a tree there's a classy red gown and has a note on it saying " please do where this gown and follow this rose petals scattered on the ground", and while walking following those rose petals you heard the strum of a guitar, strings of a violin that made the place romantic, the birds fly around, sing and dance together with the flowers,  and suddenly you felt like someone is looking at you and going to where you are standing and you look around but no one is there, you decided to follow those sounds and you see a man standing in a middle of the bridge holding a single red rose with his black Tuxedo, then when he saw you, he walk towards you and give the flowers and offers his hand for you as a sign of being a gentleman. I just want to stop. I can't control myself of dreaming, and feeling, and desperately wanting something like this. lol. i know,  maybe, someday, one day this dream of mine will come true. :)

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