Monday, November 21, 2011

Why do i still feel the pain?

I found myself looking to one of my pictures and i was like at that very moment, everything flashback into my mind and i feel the regrets, longing and pain. I just thought, what if i didn't take the risk? A risk to face LIFE without him? It's like writing a poem without a pen and  an INSPIRATION!

 Fortunately, I did! I lived! I get through those crying moments at night. Hearing songs that reminds me of you. Avoiding movies that we watched together. Being at the same place that we used to hang-out and spend couple of hours just dreaming and imagining things together. Passed by the Church where we to attended mass and put God in the middle of us. Well, i guess that's life.You just have to admit, move forward and be Happy.

 It's funny to see yourself having regrets when you know should have not. Maybe because that person makes you feel important, precious, that you have the right to be respected and most of all is because he truly cares and Love you.  I believe that God has his plan for us, I know someone better is out there for me at the right time. And i'm willing to wait.

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